Sunday, March 21, 2010

CHALLENGE #9 TAKE ME AWAY.................

The 8 remaining designers had to split up into 4 teams. For this challenge, New York City will be the point of departure. Four distinctive neighborhoods have been selected based on their history, cultural impact and influence on fashion: Chinatown, the East Village, the Upper East Side and Harlem.

Well ladies being that none of us live in New York I was a little stuck on what our challenge could be, but then it came to me. Have you ever wanted to visit a far of land or even visit another one of our other 49 states? This weeks challenge TAKE ME sponsored by COSMO CRICKET. In your bag you will find a BLACKBOARD PHOTO BOX. You challenge is to decorate the outside of your box about a place that you would like to visit. For me it is PARIS (ooh lala). What is it for you: London, Scottland, Hawaii or maybe even New York. Feel free to add any items to it that you would like: chipboard, flowers, buttons, paper, ect. I might even use mine as a little PIGGY savings bank when I am done......... oh to dream.

P.S. I am working on getting us a guest judge for this challenge. Sorry this took so long to post mylifetime web-site has been down as well as my own computer has has a little bit of a cold or is it allergies. Oh well whatever I WILL SEE YOU ON THE RUNWAY. This challenge is due by Tues. March 23, 2010.
If you want to still participate with the flip-flop exchange it is not to late!

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