Saturday, March 6, 2010

CHALLENGE #7...............HARD-TO-WEAR!

This week the 10 remaining designers went to go visit a hardware store & were told their next outfit would be designed out of items only found in a hardware store. Plus Tim told them they had to design a coordinating accessory to go with their design.

So here is your challenge: You must visit your local hardware store & find item/items to use on your layout (ex: paintchips, paint, wood moldings, medal, nuts, bolts, tape, etc.)- use your imagination. You must also come up with a matching 3-D accessory/item. When you turn in your page you must send a pic. of your layout plus your accessory & tell what the item/items are that you used from the hardware store.

Email your pics to by Saturday, March 13th at midnight so Lucinda can post the pics for voting.

Good luck see you on the runway!

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