Thursday, September 30, 2010

Challenge #4 voting

Hi everyone,

Here are the entries for Challenge #4 - I love what everyone has come up with! Vote for your favorite entry by Thursday 10/7/10 at midnight MST.

You can see the entries on by clicking here.

Lucinda :)


Tisha Michelle Pasinski Obituary: View Tisha Pasinski's Obituary by The Arizona Republic
Online obituary for Tisha Pasinski. Read Tisha Pasinski’s life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a Tisha Pasinski online memorial

I am sad to share with all of you that Tisha lost her battle with Leukemia this morning (Thursday) at 12:45 a.m. . Tisha was a wife, mother, sister, friend & so much more. She is in a better place now & out of pain. We are not giving up the fight in helping raise awareness of this horrible disease, so the FIGHT will still go on. You are probably wondering what made me choose to decorate bras when Tisha was not battling Breast Cancer. I actually got the idea from a scrapbook store & I thought to my self Tisha liked to do the Race For The Cure Run every October to help stomp out cancer & I also thought about how her & I both LOVE Marilyn Monroe. So I thought it would make a fun happy twist to things that are all too sad right now & for a long time to come. I wanted to put a smile on all our faces the way Tisha did for us. If you have any info (pictures, stories, memories, etc.) you would like to share about Tisha please feel free to contact me so that I can post it to the blog it for you.

Here is another decorated bra for idea all of you participating.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Winner for Challenge #3!

The winner is Beth for Challenge #3! Congrats Beth - loved your cowgirl layout!!!

Challenge #3 - Hats Off to You, Baby! ( Poll Closed )

Total Votes: 40

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi Ladies,

You are probably wondering what I am talking about! This is not going to be one of our regular challenges this week. I wanted to do something to help my friend Tisha who is in the fight of her life right now against leukemia. Tisha has been battling this horrible disease for 13 months now and is currently in Hospice. So I thought that we could use the power of the internet, our blog, and our creativity to help Tisha and her family.

So here is what I am asking all of you to do: DECORATE UP A WOMEN'S BRA!

How, you ask? With ribbon, bling, flowers, buttons, do a
holiday theme, etc... (see the picture above)

Even though Tisha is not fighting breast cancer I thought this would be something fun and different to bring awareness to Tisha's cause and so many others. This challenge will be up throughout the whole month of October because it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We are also going to be adding a donate button to the blog so that when people get on to vote they can also choose to donate to Tisha and her family if they would like.

You will have 1 week to complete your project. Email your pics to Lucinda at by midnight Sunday 10/3/10.

I am asking all of you to really put a SHOUT OUT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY for this. I really want to see what we can raise for this worthy cause! Whoever wins will receive a PINK BASKET full of PINK GOODIES! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Here are some pictures of Tisha & her sweet family.

See you on the runway!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Challenge #3 voting

Here are the entries for Challenge #3. Vote for your favorite - voting will end on Sunday, Sept. 26th at midnight!

***9/30/10 update - I removed the slideshow from the blog but you can still see it by clicking on the link in the next sentence.

Click here to see the images on

Winner for Challenge #2

And the winner for Challenge #2 is Beth!

Congrats Beth - loved your layout! I'm sure it will be even cuter once Noah has his bday pics in it!

Challenge #2 - It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To! ( Poll Closed )
Total Votes: 27

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just an FYI: We are just waiting for challenge #2 voting to end before we post the next round of pic's for challenge #3. So if you haven't got yours in yet this buys you a little more time until midnight Wednesday, September 15.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We know this is not true for us lucky ladies! hahaha

On this episode the 11 remaining designers had the fun or should I say NIGHTMARE of working with 11 new models who were all previous bridesmaids. This was not the NIGHTMARE part, they had to take the old "bridescary" dresses & make a new outfit out of the existing dress fabric........OUCH! Some turned out beautiful & others......well, we won't go there...

So I thought what to do for this one? I was never a bridesmaid, but I was a flower girl twice! It is too hard to stitch pages & pic's. Then it came to me, how fun would it be to follow a pre-designed sketch? You are probably asking yourself - what is that? Sketching is all the rage and has been for a little while now. Sketching is like a sewing pattern, but for scrap booking. The pattern is already drawn and laid out for you, you just add the fabric or in our case the paper & embellishments. So here comes the next BIG SURPRISE.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

VALERIE SALMON with GOT SKETCH has given us permission to use her sketches for this challenge and to be a guest judge with prize included! How AWESOME is that???

Valerie Salmon

So here is how it will work:

Go to her blog and look up her sketches. She has links to them on the sidebar. You can pick your favorite number and look up that sketch or she has them broken down to how many pictures you want on a layout. Or just surf her sketches till you find the one that inspires you! It is up to you how you pick just let us know what sketch number you picked when you turn in your layout. From there it is up to you to add the paper/embellishments you like. Feel free to put your own spin on it (turn the sketch on its side, upside down, etc.).

You will have till Midnight Sunday, September 26 to turn in your projects (email pic of your layout to

Good Luck & Happy Sketching.

We will see you on the runway!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Challenge #2 voting

Here are the entries for Challenge #2 voting.

Voting will close Wednesday, Sept. 15th at midnight!

I removed the slide show to make the blog load faster. Click here to see the slide show on

Challenge #1 - the winner!

The winner for Challenge #1 was Beth! Congrats Beth! Loved all the layouts!

Challenge #1 - That's So Inspiring ( Poll Closed )
Total Votes: 53

Sunday, September 5, 2010


In this episode the 12 remaining designers were seprated into 2 groups of 6 each. Each team had to come up with a fall line consisting of 6 outfits!
Your challenge is FALLing INTO LOVE: You must complete a 6 piece page layout or 3D item dealing with fall. Now you are probably wondering what does she mean. You can do a mini 6 pg. album or do something totally different decorate 6 plain wood or papermeche boxes for Halloween/Fall ( EX: with the words SPOOKY on the front or FAMILY or picturs you decide) , or even come up with a 6 piece wall hanging, decorate 6 chipboard coasters (get them free from Apple Bee's or Chilli's) or make a shadow box decorated in 6 area's. IN OTHER WORDS IT MUST BE 6 & BE ABOUT FALL/HALLOWEEN! Try to come up with something totally original & out of the box (hint, hint) that you would like to keep up for a decotation or display (aka conversation piece). This challenge is due: midnight September 17.