Saturday, October 31, 2009

Announcing Challenge #11

On Project Runway this week, the remaining designers were asked to create a companion piece that would complement one of their other pieces. Have you ever created a page or 3-D item and loved it so much that you wanted to make something that would make it a set? Or another version of it?

So for this week, your challenge will be to choose a page or other papercrafted item you have made previously and make a companion to that item. Your companion item can be, for example: another page, a mini-book, or a 3-D item, etc.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Email a picture of your companion item to me at by Saturday, November 7th.

Lucinda :)

Challenge #8 - Here are the entries so far!

Hi everyone,

Here are the entries so far for Challenge #8 - this was to finish a scrapbook page that Beth and I started for you. We're very happy that Marlies and Henrietta have joined us this time! Marlies is from Holland and her friend Henrietta lives in Queen Creek. They have been following the blog and the Project Runway show! We were lucky to be able to get the pages to them when Marlies' husband was in town visiting.

There are some more people (myself and Beth included) who are still working on their pages, so hopefully I'll get those put on the slideshow/poll in the next couple days.

Voting will close on Saturday, November 7th at 9:00pm MST!

Enjoy! I think they all turned out so awesome! It's neat to see how people can start with the same basic layout and how they turn out so different!

Lucinda :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Due Dates for Challenges #8, #9, and #10

Hi everyone!

Here's a little reminder of the due dates for the past couple of challenges:

#8 - Something Old, Something New....this is the one where Beth and I started a layout for you and you are to finish it.
Friday, Oct. 30th (extended)

#9 - Bling It On - this is the jewelry challenge (scroll down in blog to see more info).
DUE DATE: Friday, Oct. 30th (extended)

#10 - Let Your Destination Be Your Guide (see previous post for more details)
DUE DATE: Monday, Nov. 2

Email pictures to so I can post them for voting and viewing, etc.

Thanks everyone!
Lucinda :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This past week, the remaining 7 designers were taken to Michael Kors' flagship on Rodeo Drive, where Michael told them that he gets his design inspiration/aesthetic from his jet-set travel. The challenge was for each designer to choose a location and create a look that both represented their style and embraced the style of that place. They randomly drew from a bag some of Michael Kors' favorite locations: Palm Beach, Greece, Aspen (Colorado), St. Tropez, New York, Santa Fe, and Hollywood.

Since we obviously haven't all been to those places, our challenge will be to do a layout on one of our trips we have taken. Create a layout that represents the place you took your trip! It can be a trip to anywhere...camping, Disneyland, road trip, etc. This one will be to use your own stash as well.

Sorry we've been so behind these past couple challenges! It has been crazy busy for both Beth and myself. We'll give you until next Monday, November 2nd, to get your layouts finished and to email a picture of it to me (

Can't wait to see all the cool places you've been!

Lucinda :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Field Trip to Payson, AZ and Paper & Metal Scrappers

A few of us were able to go up to Payson, AZ on a field trip a couple weekends ago! Paper & Metal Scrappers did a make-n-take for us and then gave us a discount on anything we bought that day. It was so much fun!! Beth and Rick showed us around town and we got to see some shops we had never seen before. What a fun day! (Not to mention we got to get out of the city heat for a few hours.) Whatever happened to the cooler October weather?


Some of you may be wondering if I am still here? YES, I am. Things have just been a little crazy. Baby Noah has got a little mild Colic, so he doesn't sleep the best at night. However he does in the day, but this isn't always the best because that is when my 3 yr. old is up. I am still doing the challenges, I am just a bit behind right now. I have got prizes to get out to some of you & pic.'s to be uploaded, but I am slowly getting caught up. The next challenge will be posted shortly. Thank you for your patience with me. HAVE NO FEAR I AM STILL HERE!



So on the show this time the 8 remaining designers had to design an outfit for Christina Aguilera to wear on stage! It had to be a show stopper.

So here is our spin on it: You must decorate a piece of jewelry (ring/necklace that Amate Studios has generously donated to us). You can use glitter, beads, ribbon, stamping, old small jewelry pieces, etc... Check out their website for some inspiration. They recommend only using Tim Holtz Adhesive/Glue by Ranger - it comes in Crackle, Glossy, Matte or Sepia Accents.

Mystic Paper in downtown Mesa is giving Project Scrapbook '09 participants a 10% discount (only for the Ranger Accents Adhesive/Glue ($5.99 2oz.bottle reg. price)). You may also want to check out their samples of jewelry they've designed with Amate Studios products (Kim has a cool necklace).

Here is a picture of some jewelry made with Amate Studio's products:

This is what the adhesive/glue looks like:

Click on the links above for more info. about Amate Studios and to see project ideas. Here is the information about Mystic Paper for any who are interested: Historic Down Town Mesa 123 W. Main St. Mesa AZ 85201 480-834-0286.

Email myself at or Lucinda at if you would like to participate!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Challenge #7 - And the winner is Claudia!!

Claudia is the winner of the Feelin' Blue challenge (#7)! Congrats! I still never finished my all blue layout, but I hope to still do it when I have time. Beth will be bringing me your prize tomorrow so I will get it to you then!

-Lucinda :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Challenge #6 results

Congrats to Lucinda for winning Challenge #6! Her book was obviously based on a romantic movie since she used her engagement photos! I will be getting your prize to you soon - I promise!


Challenge #6 - Let's go to the movies! (Poll Closed)
#1 - Maria 9% (4 votes)
#2 - Chelsea 4% (2 votes)
#3 - Heather 21% (10 votes)
#4 - Erika 2% (1 votes)
#5 - Nichole 15% (7 votes)
#6 - Lucinda 49% (23 votes)
Total Votes: 47

Challenge #7 - Feelin' Blue - any other entries???

Hi everyone,

It has been a crazy week for me! I am still working on my Feelin' Blue page for Challenge #7. I have only received one entry for this challenge so far. Any other takers? Since I've only received one entry, I won't put up voting until I get at least one more, so email a pic of yours asap if you did it -k-? The deadline for voting is tomorrow, Thursday, at 9pm. (My email address is: If I don't receive anyone else's, Claudia will win by default!

Here's Claudia's layout for the Feelin' Blue challenge:

I did receive Nichole's layout on Friday (after the voting period was over, unfortunately). Here it is! Props to both of you for doing the challenge. I hope to still finish mine and post it on here as well.

Nichole's layout:

Friday, October 9, 2009


On last night's show the 9 remaining designers had new models. The new models where all divorced women wearing their old wedding dresses. The designers had to take the old wedding dress & make a new outfit for the divorcee to wear. They could dye the fabric, cut it up, add extra embellishments to it, etc...

So here is your challenge: Lucinda & I will start a layout, but you have to finish it. You don't have to scrapbook your wedding photos - you can do any photos you like. You just have to work with the page layout we give you & yes you can add anything you want to it to make it your own style.

If you would like to participate, email Beth ( or Lucinda ( or leave a comment on the blog. We are working on the layouts and will try our best to get them out in the next couple days to you. But first, we need to know how many want to participate! Since this will take a little longer, we're going to extend the due date a couple days as well. Email a pic of your layout to Lucinda ( by Monday, Oct. 19th. and then the voting will begin!

Good luck, we will see you down the runway!


Tune in to channel 8 this Saturday morning from 8-10 a.m. to watch Creative Crafts With Terri O!

Some of you may know her from the To-Fix-It commercials or the news, but did you know that she is BIG into crafting? I had an opportunity to meet her 2 yrs. ago with my son Christian when he was just a year old. She was so down to earth & LOVED Christian (but how can you not! hahahaha). She is a very talented woman & a mother just like all of us, who also enjoys crafting in her spare time. So please tune in this Saturday morning to watch her in action or set up your TeVO or DVR so you watch it over & over again.

I am also excited to announce that she is going to be one of our sponsors for PROJECT SCRAPBOOK! She is donating one of her crafting books & autographing it as well. How AWESOME is that?! You get a fun new crafting book to be inspired by plus you can say you had it signed!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Challenge #6 - Here are the entries!

Hi everyone,

Here are the entries I've received so far for Challenge #6. As I get more pics turned in, I'll add them to the slide show as well.

Remember, this challenge was to design a wood book (donated by Genuinely Jane Studios) based on a movie genre (sci-fi, action-adventure, romance, western, or a period piece).

Voting will close Sunday, Oct. 11th, at 9:00pm MST.

Friday, October 2, 2009


What would you do if your designing pallet could only be in the blue color family? That was the challenge last night for the 10 remaining designers of Project Runway.
The 10 remaining designers had to pair up & design 2 outfits for the clothing line INK only being sold at Macy's & could only use the color BLUE!

So here is your challenge: What would you do if you could only use the color blue in your layout? You can use paper, fabric, blue jeans, tissue paper, blue ink, ribbon, flowers, etc...... BUT YOU MUST ONLY USE THE COLOR BLUE! You may use more than one color of blue. Try mixing it up a bit! This is a challenge where you will use your own supplies you have on hand or purchase yourself.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Email a picture of your layout to by next Thursday, Oct. 8th to have the max time for voting. Can't wait to see what "feelin' blue" means to you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the winner for Challenge #5 is......


Congrats to Casey for her winning layout! Beth will be contacting you about your prize soon!

As always, everyone's layouts were amazing - we love seeing what everyone comes up with every week! And it's awesome to get some scrapbooking done while doing these challenges too!

Remember, if you are doing Challenge #6, send your pictures to by Sunday night. We'd love to see more than one picture, since there are multiple pages in the books, so try to send a few -k-?

Challenge #5 - vote for your fave!! (Poll Closed)
#1 - Casey 44% (53 votes)
#2 - Erika <1% (1 votes)
#3 - Sandy 0% (0 votes)
#4 - Chelsea 2% (2 votes)
#5 - Maria 5% (6 votes)
#6 - Beth 8% (10 votes)
#7 - Marybeth 26% (31 votes)
#8 - Heather <1% (1 votes)
#9 - Claudia 13% (16 votes)
Total Votes: 120

Entries for Challenge #5

Hi everyone,

Here's a slide show of the entries I've received so far for Challenge #5! Enjoy!

***UPDATE: I removed the slideshow to save memory on the blog, but you can still view it by clicking here.