Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Poll - New Entries

Hey guys - a couple people just sent me their entries, so I had to create a new poll and add them to it. That's why there's a new voting thing on the sidebar (fyi). I put what the tally was before I closed the original poll, and we'll add those points on at the end -k-? Sorry for any confusion!!



All kits for challenge #2 are now gone!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Last night's challenge was a little tricky for the remaining 15 designers. They had to design an outfit for a famous PREGNANT women (Rebecca Romijn) for her to wear to lunch, to a party or for casual. Well this was also a little tricky for Lucinda, Sherry & I. We know not everyone has been pregnant or likes to take pictures when they are (unlike me!). So we thought it would be fun to scrapbook your LOVE of motherhood or scrapbook the LOVE of your own mother. We have 9 kits left of 12, so if you want one please leave a message on the blog. Yes FURRRRRRY children count. hahahaha

Challenge #1 - Red Carpet Moment

Hey everyone! Here's the entries for Challenge #1 - Your Red Carpet Moment.

All the participants were given goodies donated to us by the fabulous Glitz Design to use for their layouts. Click here to check out more of their amazing glitzy stuff!

Make sure to vote for your favorite on the sidebar! You can only vote once, sorry!

***UPDATE: I have removed the slideshow and replaced it with a link where you can still view it - it was taking way too long to load with all the other stuff on the blog!

Challenge #1
*****Voting will close on next Thursday, September 3rd at 9:00pm MST!*****

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi Ladies, Are you ready for your first challenge? On the Season Premiere the designers had to design an outfit for the Red Carpet. So this week's challenge is for you to Scrapbook "Your Red Carpet Moment" or someone you know. Here are just a few examples: your wedding, prom, a night out on the town with your husband/girlfriends, modeling photo, ect... just a time when you were the STAR! You are free to add any extra items to your project, but you must use some of the product we give you. We are limited to how many kits we have. We want this to be fun & we know that you may not be able to sign up for every challnge, but we ask that if you sign up for a kit that you please finish & submit your project. It is not fair to other people if they want to sign up for that week's challenge & we are out of kits & they are no longer available because people took them but didn't submit a finished project. You have until next Thursday to complete the challenge. You can e-mail a photo of your completed project to Let all your friends know about it so that they can get on the blog & vote for you. We have 9 people signed up & 5 more kits availble. If you want to participate please leave a comment on the blog it is first come first serve. So don't delay & get your kit today!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Goodies!!

I am so amazed at the generosity of people and companies that are donating products and/or prizes to Project Scrapbook '09! Everyone has been so supportive and some have even said, "Oh yeah, I love that show! I'll follow your blog and maybe even participate in the challenges!"

A little note: If you would like to be emailed automatically whenever we post on our blog, fill in your email on the 'Subscribe Via Email' tab on the sidebar. It's quick and easy!

Here's a little peek of some more prize stuff and items that will be used in one of our weekly challenges. This is from one of my childhood friends who started her own scrapbooking company. It's nice to know people sometimes! Their stuff has lots of style!!

Can't wait till we start the challenges and I get to try out all these amazing products!! Remember to tell your friends about our blog so they can follow along and vote each week too!!

Have a great night!
Lucinda :)


The goodies just keep coming! My UPS MAN brought us some more fun items to use for our up coming challenges. As always I didn't get a photo of him dropping off............he is just way to fast or I am way to slow! It is always fun to see the different items that our generous sponors send us. This sponsor not only sent some amazing products to work with, but also something fun for ! LUCKY person to win & get to wear. My husband saw this at a scrapbook store & said that I should see if he would send it as a prize & he did. AWESOME!

Monday, August 10, 2009


It was a busy day of recieving packages from some of our awesome sponsors. That cute HUNK is my hubby Rick bringing in 1 of the packages! Can you guess what it is? It had me all tied up in a BIG BOW! Later on I waddled my progo body down to the mailbox to find some more fun suprises. Can you tell what you WOOD do with these fun thing? The possibilities our endless!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday Night Date.....

I have a little sunday night date with Beth tonight! We're going to be working on some creative goodness for the kick off night. Sooo much fun! Only 11 more days!!

Gotta run! Off to make pancakes for my kiddos but first I'll leave you with some super simple inspiration......Toodles!


Saturday, August 8, 2009


It is so exciting to get a knock at the door these days or go check the mail. It seems everytime I turn around I am recieving more stuff. It has been really awesome getting all the positive feed back from all the different companies who want to help sponsor us. I hear everything from: awesome idea, sounds totally fun, we would love to help, good idea & one companies employee & her daughter even want to particpate! The response has been overwhelming. We have less than 2 weeks to go & I can't wait!
The other day my son & I went to check the mailbox & we found this yellow envelope inside. It was exciting to see what had been sent to us. I had not even gotten a response back from this company & here was some fun goodies in the mail from them! Let's see if you can guess who it is.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Beth has no idea and a little project share!

Beth has no idea that I'm posting this... I thought it would be kinda fun!

Is everyone getting ready for the challanges? I know I'm getting excited about what we have planned for everyone! I can't believe all the goodies we've recieved from so many companies! (Be sure to check them out on the sidebar) Did ya notice the cute little count down timer on here? Only 13 more days! Yipppeeee!!!

Remeber, you can still participate in the challanges even if you can't attend the kick off night. Please let either Beth, Lucinda or myself know if you plan on joining us. We have goodie bags for the 1st 12 that confirm! We only have a few spots available so let us know!!

On to the little project.... I found the 12x12 frame at a garage sale for 2.00! It was an UGLY green color so I took it home and painted it black. I found the super cute paper at the local scrapbook store and thought it was very french country-ish (is that even a word?)LOL I drew the rooster and paper pieced it together. The wing is pop dotted and the tail is a die cut. I used a little goldish color bling for the eye. My grandmother decorates her kitchen with roosters so I sent it to her to hang near her table.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It has been a little while since I last blogged. I have been getting in alot of fun goodies & prizes for our upcoming challenges. Here is another SNEAK PEAK. Remember only 16 more days!