Friday, October 9, 2009


Tune in to channel 8 this Saturday morning from 8-10 a.m. to watch Creative Crafts With Terri O!

Some of you may know her from the To-Fix-It commercials or the news, but did you know that she is BIG into crafting? I had an opportunity to meet her 2 yrs. ago with my son Christian when he was just a year old. She was so down to earth & LOVED Christian (but how can you not! hahahaha). She is a very talented woman & a mother just like all of us, who also enjoys crafting in her spare time. So please tune in this Saturday morning to watch her in action or set up your TeVO or DVR so you watch it over & over again.

I am also excited to announce that she is going to be one of our sponsors for PROJECT SCRAPBOOK! She is donating one of her crafting books & autographing it as well. How AWESOME is that?! You get a fun new crafting book to be inspired by plus you can say you had it signed!

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