Sunday, October 25, 2009


This past week, the remaining 7 designers were taken to Michael Kors' flagship on Rodeo Drive, where Michael told them that he gets his design inspiration/aesthetic from his jet-set travel. The challenge was for each designer to choose a location and create a look that both represented their style and embraced the style of that place. They randomly drew from a bag some of Michael Kors' favorite locations: Palm Beach, Greece, Aspen (Colorado), St. Tropez, New York, Santa Fe, and Hollywood.

Since we obviously haven't all been to those places, our challenge will be to do a layout on one of our trips we have taken. Create a layout that represents the place you took your trip! It can be a trip to anywhere...camping, Disneyland, road trip, etc. This one will be to use your own stash as well.

Sorry we've been so behind these past couple challenges! It has been crazy busy for both Beth and myself. We'll give you until next Monday, November 2nd, to get your layouts finished and to email a picture of it to me (

Can't wait to see all the cool places you've been!

Lucinda :)

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