Friday, October 9, 2009


On last night's show the 9 remaining designers had new models. The new models where all divorced women wearing their old wedding dresses. The designers had to take the old wedding dress & make a new outfit for the divorcee to wear. They could dye the fabric, cut it up, add extra embellishments to it, etc...

So here is your challenge: Lucinda & I will start a layout, but you have to finish it. You don't have to scrapbook your wedding photos - you can do any photos you like. You just have to work with the page layout we give you & yes you can add anything you want to it to make it your own style.

If you would like to participate, email Beth ( or Lucinda ( or leave a comment on the blog. We are working on the layouts and will try our best to get them out in the next couple days to you. But first, we need to know how many want to participate! Since this will take a little longer, we're going to extend the due date a couple days as well. Email a pic of your layout to Lucinda ( by Monday, Oct. 19th. and then the voting will begin!

Good luck, we will see you down the runway!

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