Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi Ladies, Are you ready for your first challenge? On the Season Premiere the designers had to design an outfit for the Red Carpet. So this week's challenge is for you to Scrapbook "Your Red Carpet Moment" or someone you know. Here are just a few examples: your wedding, prom, a night out on the town with your husband/girlfriends, modeling photo, ect... just a time when you were the STAR! You are free to add any extra items to your project, but you must use some of the product we give you. We are limited to how many kits we have. We want this to be fun & we know that you may not be able to sign up for every challnge, but we ask that if you sign up for a kit that you please finish & submit your project. It is not fair to other people if they want to sign up for that week's challenge & we are out of kits & they are no longer available because people took them but didn't submit a finished project. You have until next Thursday to complete the challenge. You can e-mail a photo of your completed project to Let all your friends know about it so that they can get on the blog & vote for you. We have 9 people signed up & 5 more kits availble. If you want to participate please leave a comment on the blog it is first come first serve. So don't delay & get your kit today!


Anonymous said...

yes please, i would like a kit!

The Morrison's said...

I will also like a kit please.

Heather Morrison

cmeinen said...

were/how do we vote on our favorite page????