Saturday, September 11, 2010


We know this is not true for us lucky ladies! hahaha

On this episode the 11 remaining designers had the fun or should I say NIGHTMARE of working with 11 new models who were all previous bridesmaids. This was not the NIGHTMARE part, they had to take the old "bridescary" dresses & make a new outfit out of the existing dress fabric........OUCH! Some turned out beautiful & others......well, we won't go there...

So I thought what to do for this one? I was never a bridesmaid, but I was a flower girl twice! It is too hard to stitch pages & pic's. Then it came to me, how fun would it be to follow a pre-designed sketch? You are probably asking yourself - what is that? Sketching is all the rage and has been for a little while now. Sketching is like a sewing pattern, but for scrap booking. The pattern is already drawn and laid out for you, you just add the fabric or in our case the paper & embellishments. So here comes the next BIG SURPRISE.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

VALERIE SALMON with GOT SKETCH has given us permission to use her sketches for this challenge and to be a guest judge with prize included! How AWESOME is that???

Valerie Salmon

So here is how it will work:

Go to her blog and look up her sketches. She has links to them on the sidebar. You can pick your favorite number and look up that sketch or she has them broken down to how many pictures you want on a layout. Or just surf her sketches till you find the one that inspires you! It is up to you how you pick just let us know what sketch number you picked when you turn in your layout. From there it is up to you to add the paper/embellishments you like. Feel free to put your own spin on it (turn the sketch on its side, upside down, etc.).

You will have till Midnight Sunday, September 26 to turn in your projects (email pic of your layout to

Good Luck & Happy Sketching.

We will see you on the runway!

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