Friday, September 25, 2009

Challenge #6 - Let's Go to the Movies

The designer's challenge for this week was to create a look inspired by a movie genre (i.e.: action/adventure, sci-fi, western, romance, or a period piece).

We were donated some amazing wood books by Genuinely Jane Studios which we will use for this week's challenge. Your challenge will be to create a distinctive look for your wood book that is based on one of the movie genres mentioned above.

We received 6 books, so it's first come, first serve as usual. Please leave a comment on the blog or email Beth at if you would like to participate in this challenge. Please note that not all of the books are the same - we have numbered them so we will give them out in the order they are requested.

You have until SUNDAY, October 4th to complete your books and email your photos to Lucinda at

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Sorry this took so long to post my phone has been down so I have been unable to talk to anyone. Thank you Lucinda for typing this up!

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cmeinen said...

Hey totally love the idea for this new challenge! You can sign maria & me up for this one we can't wait to get started!