Thursday, September 10, 2009


On this week's show the 13 remaining designers had to design an outfit for their model to wear, but their model had to put in her own suggestion of what she wanted for an outfit (ex: cut, color, length, etc.).

So we thought it would be fun for you to design a scrapbook page for one of the other gals participating in this week's challenge. So here is how it works: You have until noon on Sat. Sept. 12th to email up to 3 photos of the same event emailed to We then will randomly draw names of who gets whose photos & e-mail them to you. When e-mailing your photo's YOU MUST include the following info: who, where & when & your scrapbooking style/suggestions (ex: plain, shabby chic, grunge, bling, etc. You may also put that you want to be surprised). This is a use your own stuff this week. We won't always have kits, but we will always have PRIZES!
PLEASE ladies if you are going to sign up to do it really DO IT! It would be no fun for someone to participate & not get anything back. If you know you won't be able to do it let us know so we can pull your pics & give them to someone else. You have till midnight on Thur. Sept. 17th to turn in your pages!

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