Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CHALLENGE #11 icky, yicky, sticky &................. oh soooooooo PICKY!

This last week on the show the 6 remaining designers had to design a RED CARPET look for someone famous, but who it was they did not know! They were told that this person was picky & very opinionated about what they like to wear..........hhhhmmm who could it be. Well as it turned out to be none other than Heidi Klum! But that wasn't all with this challenge, they had to get feedback from Heidi about her likes & dislikes: don't make my butt & hips look big & don't make my boobs look flat or saggy! No big patterns & so on. But that wasn't all the drama, to every ones surprise one of the designers (Maya) decided to leave the competition early! Leaving room for the last eliminated designer to return ANTHONY OUR LITTLE YUMMY CHOCOLATE GAY CUPCAKE! Then just when you thought things had calmed down one of the models (Valeria) left early to go do another job (can't blame her she got payed double $$ cha ching!), but then things got even crazier with 2 winning the challenge this week : Emilio/Anthony. WOW it was a lot of twists & turns this last week.

Well after all that lets talk about our challenge: icky, yicky, sticky &............oh soooooooooooo PICKY! Your challenge this week is to design a layout about someone else other than yourself. This person must be out of your comfort zone! You can't do it about your kids/husband. Choose someone different: your neighbor, friend, aunt, sister, in-law, etc.. Learn about who they are: favorite color, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc...

This challenge is due by midnight Thursday April 15, 2010. Email your pics to

I will see you on the runway.

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