Friday, January 29, 2010


On this week's episode, the 14 remaining designers arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art & were told they would be working in teams of 2. There were mannequins that were dressed in the work of fashion icons including Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, etc. The designers' challenge was to create a high-end signature look that would be fitting in the company of those fashion icons.

But wait…the following morning Tim gathered the teams together to inform them that they would be designing an additional look. This is important: The second look was to be derived from the high-end look of another team. They were told not to copy the look exactly, but be inspired by it.

So now that you know what their challenge was on the show, here's our spin on it:

This weeks challenge is sponsored by: CHRISTY TOMLINSON of SCARLET LIME (it's the kit in the large bag with red rose paper in the front). Your assignment is to be INSPIRED. Go to SCARLET LIME'S web-site & check out their amazing project gallery here. You then must complete a layout using her kit (you may add anything to it you want: ribbons, buttons, flowers, etc.), but wait I am not done yet!

By Tuesday (midnight) you must send to a picture of your layout (doesn't have to be fully completed). We will then randomly send everyone a photo of someone else's layout. You will use the picture we send you for inspiration to create a coordinating embellishment for your own layout. When submitting your entry, please let us know what your embellishment was & whose layout inspired you.

Your deadline is midnight Fri. February 5th.

I am also excited to announce that CHRISTY TOMLINSON of SCARLET LIME is going to be our guest judge for this challenge, so no family/friends voting. So do your best work; no popularity contest!

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